Digital library for alternate media

Welcome to SensusLibrary

SensusLibrary is a digital library for alternate media. As a framework solution, SensusLibrary is available in customized versions to academic institutions, NGOs and others who wish to establish digital libraries for the print impaired.

Included in this sample implementation of SensusLibrary is a collection of documents that illustrate the flexibility of the solution: Text documents, digital Braille documents, audio files, Daisy projects, e-books, videos, audio pictures, scanned images and more.

Authorized users can order documents directly from the library through email or download links, or indirectly in alternative formats via SensusAccess. Using the SensusAccess document conversion service, documents may be converted to mp3 files, Daisy projects, digital Braille, e-books or other accessible formats before they are delivered to the user.

SensusLibrary and SensusAccess are developed by Sensus ApS, a research-based Danish consultancy organization specializing in accessibility, inclusion and technology for people with special needs. Contact Sensus for more information by writing to or by calling +45 48 22 10 03.